Stories of the Multicave

Stories of the Multicave

This essay reflects upon mass-media, politics, conformity, and the creation of apparent realities within it. Each topic is compared to the Allegory of the Cave, described by Plato —who suggests that within sociocultural communication systems, “Form” or “Ideas”, other than the material, sensational world known to us, posses the highest and most abiding kind of reality.

The role of todays image-creators/designers is to be aware of the façade, the shadow play constructed by the orchestrators of the stage and to use this knowledge as a tool within their practice.

The cave is…

The Cave
is the System
is the Structure
is the Universe
is the Belief
is the “Truth”
is the Lie
is the Matrix
is the Mass Media
is the Reality
is Politics
is the World

The Released Caveman
is the Observer
is the Other
is the Foreigner
is the Critic
is the Philosopher
is the Image Maker

The Cavemen
are the Prisoners
are the Citizens
are the Ignorant
are the Believers
are the Conformists
are the Mass

Inside the Cave
is the World of Senses
is the World of Shadows

The Shadows
are the Distorted Images
are the Designed Truths
are the Staged Realities

The Shadowcaster
is the Object
is the Cause
is the Staged
is the Designed
is the MakeBeliever

Outside the Cave
is the World of Forms
is the World of Ideas
is the Multicave

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Date 2013
Type Visual essay
Material Printed matter / 14.8 x 21 cm / 692 pages

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